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call of duty ww2 prestige emblems

Call of Duty Prestige Emblems

Call of Duty WWII Prestige Emblems


The long-awaited prestige emblems for COD WW2 have finally been confirmed. After many leaks of the new prestige emblems, the official ones have a few really nice looking to work towards. An image below shows all the emblems from prestige one all the way to prestige master. There is currently 10 prestiges. With the final master prestige having a whopping 1000 levels similar to previous game releases that have been adopted over the past few years. With many people legitimately achieving this rank over the past years.

call of duty ww2 prestige emblems

This year in COD WW2 the best-looking prestige emblems come towards the end. Including the 9th, 10th and Master Prestige emblems picking up a lot of comments on how nice they look from the current players. Making the grind to prestige, worthwhile being able to show off the emblems.


How do I prestige?

With the implantation of headquarters in the new call of duty, prestige is slighting different and some people have been unable to find where you have to go in order to prestige. In order to prestige, you have to speak to the General in headquarters who is located in a locked off area until you are eligible to prestige. To locate the General head over to the division prestige section towards the middle of the map, directly right to where you can get new orders. An officer is stood in your way until you are able to prestige to where he will move out of the way to allow you to speak to the General. REMEMBER when you prestige you keep all your gun levels however you have to re-unlock all the guns and equipment. You also receive a prestige token which allows you to permanently unlock a piece of equipment or a gun that will then always be unlocked even if you prestige again.


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