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call of duty strike team

Call of Duty Strike Team Download Now

Call of Duty Strike Team

Call of Duty Strike Team is an exclusive android mobile game.  Available to download via the Google Play Store.  The game is based in 2020.  And your objective is to lead a special operations team to take down an unknown enemy.  The first Call of Duty mobile game to have both first-person and third-person perspectives built exclusively for mobile and tablets.  Bringing you the ultimate mobile gaming experience.  The team building the game have built the revolutionary ability to dynamically switch from first to third person.  Players can plan coordinated squad attacks in third person and then switch back to first person to run around and kill the unknown enemies.

To download the game head over to the google play store on your mobile and tablet.  And search for ‘Call of Duty Strike Team’ experience the ultimate call of duty for mobile at your fingertips.

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call of duty strike team

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