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COD WW2 Best LMG setup

COD WW2 Best LMG class setup.  Light Machine Guns are not the best setups if you plan on rushing around corners.  However, if you are looking to sit back LMGs are one of the best setups to use.  With the damage, they deal, along with the large ammo capacity.  They become very useful in game modes such as Capture the Flag when you are sitting back defending your own flag.  Being able to kill all the enemies with one clip can become very helpful.  Just think about it how many times have you died because you needed to reload.

COD WW2 Best LMG Class Setup

Gun: MG42
Attachments: Quick Draw and Rapid Fire

The MG42 is by far the best LMG gun available in COD WW2 Multiplayer.  The Full-auto LMG comes with moderate recoil like every other LMG but the fast fire rate makes the MG42 stand out from the rest.  Especially when you apply the rapid-fire attachment.

The only other attachment that helps the LMG is Quick Draw being able to aim it faster makes all the difference.  Especially with LMGs only being accurate when aimed in down the sight.




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