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COD WW2 Quartermaster

COD WW2 Quartermaster

The COD WW2 Quartermaster is located next to the spawn location in headquarters.  The quartermaster is used to purchase Supply Drops, Contracts, and Collections.

COD WW2 Quartermaster Contracts

With the addition to headquarters, the call of duty ww2 quartermaster is now the place to go to get contracts.  A contract is a task or objective you pay for and if you complete the requirements you get a reward.  But be careful and make sure to look at the contract cost before purchasing the contract because some contracts look very easy to do but the cost of the contract outweighs the reward you receive.  And example below getting 35 kills in war is very easy, however, paying 350 Armory Credits to only get 750XP in return isn’t worth it.

Call of Duty WW2 Quartermaster contracts


COD WW2 Quartermaster Collections

Some weapon variations, outfits, and other equipment within the game are part of collections.  Collections can be completed by purchasing each part of the collection with Armory Credits or by receiving the item in a supply drop.  Throughout the game with the operations and DLC’s being released even more collections will be brought into the game.  Even though not all of the final collection reward may appeal to you.  There is still a few unique and appealing Outfits and Gun Variations worth looking into getting.

COD WW2 Quartermaster Supply Drops

Supply Drops can be purchased with COD Points.  In order to get COD Points, you must purchase them in the game with real money.  Once you have COD Points you go to the Quartermaster and choose which bundle you would like.  Or you can purchase Supply Drops separately on there own.  However, it is always worth checking the quartermaster because there may be a new bundle where you can get more value for money with the COD Points.



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