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clash of clans generator
Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Generator Legit?

Are Clash of Clans Generator Legit?

You may have thought to yourself, I wonder if there is a quicker way of getting gems.  The question always arises of is there a real clash of clans generator.  Are they legit?  Or are they scams.

Ultimately.  NO.  There is no such thing as a real working clash of clans generator.  All the people that claim they can generate you free gems and coins are trying to scam your account details.

You may also come across ones that claim they do not need your login details.  These too are a SCAM and you should not fall for them.  They ask you for human verification which only benefits them, once you complete the human verification steps they get paid and you are left with nothing.

The only way to generate Gems and Coins is to play the game properly or buy gems from the in-game store.  Just think, if there was a real working generator why wouldn’t everyone have millions of gems and coins?

Don’t fall for any clash of clans generator that claims to be legit it.





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