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CSGO How to Kick Yourself

CSGO How to kick yourself

CSGO How to Kick Yourself

CSGO How to Kick Yourself

In order to kick yourself from a game on CSGO, you have to do the following steps.  Firstly make sure you have the Developer Console enabled in-game settings.  And have assigned a key in the Keyboard and Mouse settings.

Now whilst you’re in game open up the developer console, by pressing your chosen key.  Now type in ‘status’ without the quotation marks.

This should list all the members currently in-game with 2 numbers next to everyone’s name.  You need to keep note of the 2 numbers next to your name.

Now type callvote kick followed by the 2 numbers that were next to your name.

This will bring up a vote to kick box letting other people in the game know a vote to kick has been started by you to kick you.

The developer console should’ve looked something similar to the below.


## "NAME"

callvote kick ### ##


This also works on BOTS so if you are in a situation where the bot has survived around with an AWP or a gun someone really wants.  You can do the same procedure and kick the bot so the gun will get dropped on the floor for someone else to pick up and use.

CSGO How to Kick Yourself


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