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FIFA 18 Bronze Pack Method What Sells


The Bronze Pack Method can be used by nearly every FUT player in order to make coins on ultimate team and will be very effective at the start of FIFA 18.  The theory to successfully make coins is to open up bronze packs and sell the contents inside.  There are several ways in which you can go about selling and using the contents when doing the BPM (Bronze Pack Method) which will be covered by this method.



Which Pack to open 400-coin Vs 750-coin pack?

With both packs containing the same number of cards, the only difference is that with the 750-coin pack you receive three rare items instead of just the one in the 400-coin pack.  However, it is best to stick with the 400-coin pack due to only having to sell two items for 200 coins to make your coins back unlike with the 750-coin pack where you would have to sell at least four out of the twelve items to breakeven in the 750-coin pack, hence which is why a lot of people stick with the 400-coin pack as there is less risk involved.




First off you should compare the price of every player you pack, you will be able to sell quite a few players for 150 – 400 coins depending on the league and time of day.  Some players may be required for SBC’s which will increase the value of certain players.  If the player only has a few cards on the market you should always list them they will eventually sell after a few times of relisting them.  Finally, NEVER discard players because you can either save them because they will sell at some point during the year, or you can use them in the UPGRADE method.  After you do the Bronze Pack Method several times you will eventually understand the market and know what players sell and which don’t, then is when you will make even more profit.



When trying to make money on ultimate team you can either try to make every last coin or you can afford to waste coins, when it comes to contracts you can either list them during the weekend when FUT Champions is on as they tend to sell more than for example if you were to list 20 to 30 contracts for 1 hour over the weekend you would probably sell 2-4 at a time which at the end of the day PROFIT is PROFIT.  But then again you can store all the contracts in your club and use them yourself on players meaning that you don’t have to buy contracts yourself which will allow you to save coins down the line.  AGAIN, NEVER DISCARD CONTRACTS.


Player and Squad Fitness?

With squad fitness cards, you are best off selling them, you will get at least 800 coins for one squad fitness which pays for 2 packs by itself and one item that you will eventually love seeing when you open the packs.  You can choose to keep the squad fitness cards and use them yourself however with it being a valuable item if you are looking to make as much profit you are best off selling them.

However, with individual player fitness cards you can choose to keep them and use them on your own players this will enable you to save coins down the line because you won’t have to buy fitness cards or much like contracts if you were to list 20 to 30 at the same time over the weekend you would be able to sell 2 – 4 an hour.  With the contracts and fitness cards it is best to list multiple up at the same time this way you are more likely to sell them because when it comes to the end of the auction which is when most people by these types of cards if you have 20 listed then you will have 2 full pages of just your cards instead of one or two on a page.



Healing Cards?

Prices of injury cards vary from different injuries seen as some are more common than others.  For example, head and knee will be hard to sell, again unless you list quite a few at the same time to try and maximise the chances of one of yours getting bought.  But some of the more common injuries such as leg, foot, and all injuries will all sell for a few hundred coins with foot and all injuries selling for close to 1000 coins each.  Again, it’s best to store all of these in the club if you don’t wish to sell them just because the discard prices for them are far too low and you never know when they’ll come in handy.  However, I would recommend selling the leg, foot, and all injury cards.


Attribute Cards?

Only two types of bronze attribute cards will sell them being the pace ones which will sell for 150 to 200 coins each time and the +3 all attribute card which will sell for anywhere between 150 and 300 coins.  You are bestselling these at the weekend during FUT Champions as this is when players look to purchase these types of cards.  The other types of attribute cards will rarely sell, preferably people tend to store the rest in the club and use them on players.



Other Cards?

There are various other types of cards you will receive in the bronze packs such as stadiums, kits, badges and staff cards etc.  Not many of these sells, if you get a rare item of one of these you may want to check the prices to see if you can sell them but other than that you can either store them in the club or if you are looking for a few extra coins then you can discard.  These are the only types of cards you should ever discard when doing the bronze pack method.



Overall Profit?

Short term profit may not seem quite a lot unless you pack cards that sell for 1000 coins such as the squad fitness and all healing, however, you will notice profit over time as suggested listing multiple types of cards such as contracts and fitness cards up at the same time.  This is when you will notice larger profits.

Over time you would probably look to make around 400 to 1000 coins back per pack after you’ve kept listing the items up for sale especially the contracts and fitness cards up during the weekend.  Occasionally you will be able to make 1000 coins plus on a pack when you pack a squad fitness or all healing card which you will pack more often than you think.

Overall if you are looking to make profit with minimal risk this is probably the best method to use and will be useful to use throughout the whole year especially when a new SBC gets released, you will be able to go to your club and sell all the players that are required for at least 300 coins each.




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