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FIFA Ultimate Team TOTW Investing

FIFA Ultimate Team TOTW Investing

FIFA Ultimate Team TOTW investing is a good coin making method on FIFA ultimate team over the past few years.  By picking up TOTW players from the current TOTW whilst they are in packs and at their lowest price. And then hold onto them for 1 week plus, until they go out of packs as they should increase in price.

However, it isn’t as simple as that, you need to be able to predict when the Informs will be at their lowest price and be able to select the right informs to invest in. Investing in low rated informs that are packed too much will not increase as much as some of the higher rated in-demand players that will become rarer over time.

Before we go into more I would suggest, taking advice from people who have been successful in the past (Fellow streamers, YouTube and Twitter Accounts). To get a good idea from them, on who they invest in and times of which they invest in. Each player follows a similar pricing pattern throughout the week, to which you won’t need any help on knowing the best times to pick your investments up.

When are the INFORMS at their lowest price?

From previous experience and success, the best time to start looking into buying your investments have been on a Monday. This is normally the lowest price due to people selling their teams from the weekend league and also when people are selling their Squad Battle Rewards. Although this is the best time from past experience you should take note of the informs price by using sites such as FUTBIN to see if a player’s price is decreasing or increasing.
Another way is to take note of other streamers and see when they start to invest their coins in players prices, one person I look to when looking for big investments is Ldawg28, looking at both his twitter and twitch streams.


Which Players are the best to Invest?

Finding the best informs’ to invest in are ones in which are higher rated and the more in demand players, these tend to increase in price more when they go out of packs due to the demand being higher than the supply.
When choosing players, I tend to choose players in the following categories

  • 84 +
  • Popular League
  • Hyped Players
  • All round Card (Example IF Matuidi)




So, let’s go over the key points on the in’s and outs to become a successful inform investor.

  • Buy informs who are currently in packs, around the Monday when prices are at their lowest
  • Only Invest in higher rated and in-demand players who you will predict, become rarer over the next 1-week plus.
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket always spread your coins over different methods and different players
  • The more coins you invest, the more money you will make back. (If you do it correctly)


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