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FIFA 18 how to avoid getting your account banned!


To avoid getting your account banned on FIFA 18 and the previous versions it is best to learn the new rules EA have announced to keep your account safe.


What not to do?

Buying Coins

You must not buy FIFA 18 coins from any external website nor do EA sell FIFA coins.  FUT coins can only be earned within the game itself and cannot be purchased.  Purchasing coins from third-party providers is against the rules and will result in a ban from the FIFA ultimate team servers. (it’s not worth the hassle for a few extra coins) You must earn coins via legitimate ways within the game such as playing FUT 18 and trading within the FIFA 18 transfer market.

Other ways to earn coins in ultimate team?

  • Playing matches in FUT
  • Using the transfer market to buy and sell players at fair prices
  • Completing SBC’s (Squad Building Challenges)
  • Competing in FUT Champions

Why can we not buy FIFA coins?

Buying FIFA coins on any version of FIFA ultimate team creates an unbalanced playing field for players, in return this inflates the FIFA ultimate team transfer market leading to players prices being unaffordable for the players who earn their FIFA coins legitimately.

If you are unsure of what you can and can’t do on FIFA 18 ultimate team it’s always best to check, by contacting EA sports.



By using external tools, exploits along with abusing glitches is a big no-no in the eyes of EA.  It is against the rules and cheating creates an unfair playing field for the players you are playing against.  Again, if you are unsure it is best to contact an EA Advisor via their website.


What will happen if you don’t comply with the rules?

EA made it clear that if you break any rules they have set.  Then this can lead to various suspensions such as:

  • Delete your FUT Club
  • Ban you from all FIFA games
  • Temporarily or permanently lock your account from all platforms, companion app and web app.

And many more…  It’s always best to stick to the rules EA sports have set to make sure you avoid getting bans.  If you want to see the full rules then make sure to visit EA Sports website to read and review the complete rules.



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